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As a journalist I’ve worked for the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, the LA Times, and Publishers Weekly. In other words, anyone who would pay me. I’m also an active or semi-active blogger, so if you’d like to know more than that, click on articles, blogs, and ghost writing samples below and explore the endless mystery.

I've written articles, blog posts, books, novels, novellas, journalism, columns and more. 

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I’ve written for the Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly and, plus more other publications than I can count or name. I’ve also done a ton of marketing work. If you want clear, straightforward articles that draw readers and get eyeballs, contact me.

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Plenty of samples to choose from here. . . if you want blog posts that rank AND get read, this is where you get it done. Check out these recipes that I've ghost-written for Vegan's ChoiceContact me.

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I’ve written countless novels, novellas and stories under my own name and multiple pen names. If you have a story you want told or a concept you want presented, fiction or non-fiction, contact me.

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If you need something that doesn't fit into any of these categories, contact me and tell me what it is in an email.


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