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Lucille Chisum

Lucille Chisum is about western romance. Most of her books are novels, and the vast majority feature mail order brides in one fashion or another. Her books are sweet clean romance with a Christian bent, and some are also based on basic Western adventure concepts.

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Audrey Swindon

Audrey’s weird. She writes sci fi, horror lit fiction, and she likes to dream up strange stories based on concepts that no one in their right mind would think of. They’re not always brilliant concepts, but they’re usually at least interesting.

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Abigail Haversham

Abigail does Regency romance. Short books, once again, sweet and clean. Some Christian, others less so. She loves Georgette Heyer’s shorter works, so keep that in mind if you choose to explore further.

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Colorful Books


Welcome to my website, which is about words and stories. You’ll find books, fiction and (eventually) non fiction, along with blog posts, articles, columns and other odds and ends as they pop up. Using words to tell stories is at the heart of everything I do, so feel free to peruse the choices and proceed accordingly. 


I’m an author, journalist and blogger.  I’ve written fiction and non fiction books, with the fiction coming under a variety of pen names, most of which are listed here.

As a journalist I’ve worked for the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, the LA Times, and Publishers Weekly. In other words, anyone who would pay me. I’m also an active or semi-active blogger, so if you’d like to know more than that, click on Blogs &  Odds & Ends and explore the endless mystery.

My fiction covers a lot of ground. I’ve written lit fiction, mostly short stories, sci fi, horror and all sorts of endlessly speculative mashups and what-ifs.

I’ve also written a ridiculous amount of romance, and even a little erotica here and there to spice things up when my mind gets a little too restless. I love to hear from readers, mostly, so feel free to hit Contact and hit me up if you’re of a mind.



“Excellent article, well written. Highly recommended.”

Rob Gordon, UK

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